Parish Choir News

After a long hiatus, we are happy to welcome back our parish choir and invite new people to join our choir. Parish choir membership is now open only to Orthodox Christians and enrolled catechumens. Choir rehearsals will resume on Thursday, August 10 at 7pm in the parish hall. The full choir will resume singing at the divine services on Pentecost-Holy Trinity Sunday, June 20. Caleb Lewis will continue to serve as choir director for the remainder of June. Anastasia Klimko will resume her post as choir director in July.

Annual Parish Meeting

The Annual Parish Meeting will take place on Sunday, August 1, in the parish hall, after the Divine Liturgy. If you are not a registered member of the parish and would like to take part in this meeting, please fill out the Parish Membership and Pledge form.

Quarterly Parish Bulletin

The quarterly parish bulletin, Following the Steps of Christ (По Стопам Христа), for May-July is now available. The bulletin contains information about the Orthodox faith, news from our parish, and an abbreviated service schedule. The current issue may be downloaded here:

Following the Steps of Christ (English)

По Стопам Христа (Русский)


Parish Membership and Pledge forms

Two forms have been approved by the parish council. Firstly, we have a Parish Membership Application Form (which may be downloaded here) for those Orthodox Christians wishing to officially join our parish and registered parishioners who would like to update their personal information (address, phone number, email, etc.). Secondly, we have a Parish Pledge Form (which may be downloaded here). Registered parishioners and those wishing to officially join the parish are asked to pledge an amount of their choosing. These forms will also be included with our regular mailings and are available at the candle desk. Please fill out these forms and mail them to the parish or hand them to the person at the candle desk at the next Divine Liturgy.